Our Philosophy

Through its Foundation, the LAJCC gives away more than $44,000 in scholarships each year to deserving high school seniors to help them pursue a higher education. Scholarship recipients have gone on to attend Stanford, UC Berkely, UCLA, USC, Harvard, Yale, and even MIT. This year marks the first year a Junior College Scholarships will be awarded. A scholarship will be awarded to one LA Southwest College and Cerritos students for their academics and pursuit of a 4-year degree. The two Junior Colleges are host sites of the Games. More than 295,000 in scholarships have been awarded in the past 5 years.

The LAJCC Foundation also awards $200,000 annually to philanthropic organization in the Los Angeles Community. Guided by the mission of the LAJCC, our funding priorities focus primarily on supporting projects and programs that target at-risk youth communities. The goals of the LAJCC Foundation are to fund projects and programs that strengthen and improve youth capacity for learning and recreation as well as other areas of personal development.