Urban Youth Golf Program’s LPGA Pro-Am at Woodland Hills Country Club – March 10, 2019

The UYGP is proud to present the 2003 Urban Youth Golf Pro-Am at the Woodland Hills Country Club. There are many fulfilling volunteer opportunities with this tournament. This is not just another golf tournament, it is a fundraising opportunity for the UYGP. To volunteer or for additional information, please contact Charles McCall at 213-989-2989 or charles@lajcc.org.

The Urban Youth Golf Program (UYGP) was established in 1989 by the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) to give youth of all backgrounds, especially those from low-income families a chance to play golf. The program’s mission is to teach at-risk youth self-discipline, responsibility, respect, honesty and integrity. The program achieves its mission by providing professional instruction, properly fitted equipment and discounted access to golf courses and practice facilities to the inner city. Throughout the year, UYGP offers many activities and events for their participants as well as the members of the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce.
When you become a member of the LAJCC, you become a part of the organization whose members represent most of the Los Angeles business community and care about the communities in which they work.

Projects and programs offer members rewarding experiences in leadership, communication, project management, socialization and interaction with the youth of our community. Additionally, the variety of projects and programs allows members and volunteers to tailor their level of involvement, whether working with one specific program on a monthly basis or enjoying all major events during the year.

By participating in LAJCC programs and projects, our members and volunteers are offered community service opportunities that benefit the lives of our youth. Listed below are the current projects of the LAJCC.