Los Angeles Junior Chamber Charity Foundation Announces New Interim Director, Riordan Leadership Institute


The Los Angeles Junior Chamber Charity Foundation (LAJCC Foundation) is pleased to announce that it has retained Kikanza Nuri-Robins to be the Interim Director for its Riordan Leadership Institute (the Institute).  The need for an Interim Director was created by the recent and unexpected death of the Institute’s long time Director, Richard Diaz.  LAJCC Foundation is conducting a search for a permanent successor.

Ms. Nuri-Robins has over thirty years of organizational development experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  Her clients range from major corporations, to governmental agencies and national and local non-profits.  Her extensive experience also includes teaching at a number of Southern California universities and managing a major Los Angeles area family services agency as its Interim Director.  Ms. Nuri-Robins is the author of numerous books and articles including a recently published book that she co-authored with Mr. Diaz, Culturally Proficient Responses to the LGBT Communities.  Nuri-Robins was a longtime colleague of Mr. Diaz, having worked with him in a number of settings including the Institute.  Ms. Nuri-Robins is also an active volunteer with a number of organizations.  She has received awards and other recognition from a wide range of organizations for her leadership work as well as her volunteer activities.

LAJCC Foundation is pleased to have Ms. Nuri-Robins, with her strong background as well as history with Mr. Diaz and the local nonprofit community, lead the Institute during this transition to enable it to build on the legacy built by Mr. Diaz.

Ms. Nuri-Robins started as Interim Director on Monday, September 15, 2014 and is expected to stay until a permanent director is named.

Background on the Riordan Leadership Institute

The Riordan Leadership Institute (the Institute) was founded 24 years ago and is an educational program sponsored by the LAJCC Foundation.  Conceived by former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan as a way to strengthen the non-profit sector in Los Angeles, the mission of the Institute is to develop and cultivate business professionals for lifelong service in the non-profit community.  LAJCC Foundation is affiliated with the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce.

The Institute trains business professionals and nonprofit leaders through a comprehensive and rigorous cadre of programs that focus on non-profit leadership.  Through its unique programs, the Institute propels participants to become catalysts for driving sustainable results and long-term organization success for the nonprofits that they serve.  The focus of the Institute is to power the future of the non-profit community by developing leaders who make a difference in the communities where they live and work.  The Institute serves:

•  Business professionals – both young and seasoned – who want to serve on nonprofit boards and make a difference.

•  Nonprofit agencies who want to recruit board members and strengthen their succession planning.

•  Employers who want to support and sponsor their employees’ community service activities.

•  Corporations and foundations who want to make an investment in strengthening both the business and nonprofit community through leadership development.

•  Institute alumni who are interested in continuing education and networking opportunities.